Our passion is to provide you with a Quality That You Can Trust and A Flavor You Can't Resist!   At Exquisite N Traditional we pride ourselves with serving our local community hand-crafted products using organic and Non-GMO ingredients, whenever possible, and without any chemical preservatives. 

Salads & Appetizers

‚ÄčSpreads & Wraps



Exquisite N Traditional was established in 2011 in the city of Tumwater, Washington with the goal of providing our community with a cultural experience using natural ingredients.
Our endeavor started with hand-crafting Baklava; Since, our product family grew to include Babaghannouj, Balila, Baklava, Cornmeal N Dates Mamoul, Falafel, Falafel N Taratour & Falafel Wrap, Garlic Crave, Grape Leaves, Sesame & Pecan Halawa, Hummus (Traditional and Naturally-Flavored Cilantro-Jalapenos, Extra-Garlicki, Lemon-Thyme & Roasted Peppers), Labneh Selection, Pesto & Pesto Pasta, Rawmus, Tabbouleh, Taratour, and Tiramicu.  

Please Visit our Menu Section for a Complete List of our Hand-Crafted Delicacies....